English Breakfast (Ceylon, Yunnan, Assam) 

Did you know that Great Britain drinks around 165 million cuppas a day? And while 'fruity' this and 'herbal' that is great - everyone needs a Solid brew.

Earl Grey

Named after Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey, who received Bergamot flavoured tea as a gift. He had 16 children, so if anyone was in need of a good cuppa it was him!

Easy Green (Yuman)

We searched high and low for an easy drinking green tea with less bitterness. It turns out that was the right place to go, particularly the mountainous Yunnan province of china.

Moroccan Mint (chinese Gunpowder Pinhead, Peppermint)

Big fancy teapot 13 steps to brew it authentically, drink 3 times. Seems like an awful palaver! How about, pop it in a pot, leave for a few minutes and schlurp! We'll show the Moroccans a thing or two!

Fruit Punch (Hibiscuss, Rosehip, Orange Peel, Apple Peel & lemongrass)

Fruit? This tea has it in spades! Well, big fat chunks actually! Miles better than fruit dust in other fruit teas! 

Our Speciality Loose Leaf Tea

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